Profile of XETZ

Status: Approved by the State Council in May 1993 as a national one, Xiaoshan Economic & Technological Development Zone(XETZ) serves as the main platform for the economic growth and investment promotion in Xiaoshan District.

Area: Overall planning area is 33 km2, including two new cities of Shibei and Qiaonan.

Economy: Its GDP in 2013 was RMB¥25.48 billion with total fiscal revenue RMB¥5.41 billion, local fiscal revenue RMB¥2.58 billion. Its gross industrial output was RMB¥84.72 billion.

Investment:Now,602 foreign investment projects from 30 countries and regions have been ratified in XETZ with a total investment of US$10.17 billion, contracted foreign investment US$6 billion and actually utilized foreign capital US$3.53 billion. Meanwhile, 393 domestic investment projects have been approved with a total investment of some RMB¥100 billion.

Famous Companies: GE, Fiat, Yamaha, ABB, ZF, Albany, Fair Friend, Sinotruck, Guangzhou Auto Group, Wahaha, Wangxiang, and etc.

Honours: National Demonstrative Park for Eco-industry
High-tech Industrial Park in Zhejiang Province
Demonstrative Park for Recycling Economy in Zhejiang Province
National Hangzhou Software Industrial Base Xiaoshan Extension
International Demonstrative Area for ISO14000

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