Profile of Xiaoshan

Status: As the birthplace of Zhejiang civilization, Xiaoshan's comprehensive economic strength has ranked the first over the years among county-level cities in Zhejiang Province, and the seventh in China.

Area: With 12 towns and 14 subtowns under its jurisdiction, it covers an area of 1,420.22 km2.

Population: Permanent population is 1.5113 million and household population 1.2438 million.

Humanities: Set up in 2 AD, it is the place where across-lake bridge culture relics lie with a history of more than 8,000 years, and also boasts the famous Qiangtang River tide and picturesque Xiang Lake.

Economy: In 2013, the GDP of Xiaoshan was RMB¥166.353 billion, per capita GDP US$21,668, and total fiscal revenue RMB¥22.901 billion.

Honors: Top City for Investment Environment in China
Top City for Most Valuable Investment Place in Mainland China
Top 10 Chinese Cities for Investment in Manufacturing Industry
Demonstrative Base for Manufacturing Industry in Asia
Industrial Base for Automobile Spare Parts in China

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