Profile of Hangzhou

Status: Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province and the economical, cultural, educational center, is honored as "Paradise on Earth" because of its scenic beauty.

Area: Total area is 16,596 km2 with 13 counties, cities and districts under its jurisdiction.

Population: Permanent population 8.844 million, and household population 7.0661 million.

Humanities: With a history of over 2,200 years and represented by West Lake culture, Grand River culture and Qiantang River culture, it is not only one of the seven famous ancient cities in China, but also one of the first renowned historical and cultural cities named by the country.

Economy: In 2013, the GDP of Hangzhou was RMB¥834.352 billion, per capita GDP RMB¥94,566 and total fiscal revenue RMB¥173.498 billion. Its total economic output ranked the fourth among capital cities in China.

Honours: Best Commercial City in Mainland China
UN Habitat Award
Happiest Cities in China
Top 10 Cities with Service-oriented Government
Top 10 Chinese Cities with Satisfactory Public Service
National Excellent Cities for Comprehensive Management of Social Security
Best Domestic Tourist Cities

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